Staten Island Elected Officials Announce Support and Endorsement for Donald J. Trump

The Staten Island Republican Party (SIGOP) is proud to announce that every Republican electe

The Staten Island Republican Party (SIGOP) is proud to announce that every Republican elected official and the Richmond County Republican Committee have formally endorsed Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.

Affirmed by a resolution introduced by SIGOP Law Chairman Robert Brown and adopted at a full meeting of the Richmond County Republican Committee, our Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Michael Tannousis and Chief Operating Officer Anthony Reinhart acknowledges the exceptional leadership and dedication of Donald J. Trump and recognizes his proven commitment to advancing the policies necessary to make America prosperous again, secure again, great again.

All Republican elected officials who represent Staten Island are proudly standing with the clear choice for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

“This November, our country faces a choice that will have long-lasting consequences,” said Assemblyman and Chairman of the SIGOP, Michael Tannousis.“We can continue down the path we’re on; one of economic downturn with the cost of living skyrocketing; one that has open borders with no end to the migrant crisis; and one that threatens the very fabric of our nation. Or we choose to elect Donald J. Trump, a leader who has demonstrated his unwavering patriotism, commitment to conservative ideals, and bold leadership that will ensure our great country thrives for generations to come.”

“The Staten Island Republican Party has spoken and it’s time for everyone to unite behind our party’s presumptive nominee, President Donald J. Trump. When Trump was in office, real wages were at an all-time high, unemployment was at a 50-year low, millions were lifted out of poverty and energy was affordable,” said Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis. “On the world stage we had peace through strength, Israel‘s relationship with Arab nations was prospering under the Abraham Accords, our adversaries respected us, our border was secure, and we didn’t have the current migrant crisis plaguing New York City today. Unfortunately, all of that has been undone under the failed Biden Administration which is why we need to send President Trump back to the White House in November.”

“As always, this election will be a choice between two people and two different sets of ideas,” said Borough President Vito Fossella. “On one side, you have someone who has allowed our southern border to be wide open, which has led to a migrant crisis unseen in modern times. Inflation, gas prices and the cost of living are all at places where they shouldn’t be, and the sense around the world is that the United States is weak and aimless.” Borough President Fossella continued, “on the other side, you have someone who has demonstrated that there should be an integrity to our borders, that our top priorities are keeping American citizens safe and America strong and free, and has supported policies and regulations to allow businesses to flourish and create more jobs through the private sector while keeping the cost of living down, gas prices down, and inflation down – not to mention lower interest rates. The choice to me is clear – I choose President Donald J. Trump to get this country back on track.”

“The question is simple: what is the future that awaits our children and grandchildren? Will it be one of opportunity and prosperity, or one where our freedoms slip away,” asked Deputy Minority Leader of the New York State Senate, Andrew Lanza. “It has been a terrible past four years under the current Biden administration, with an unprecedented crisis at the border, a pandemic of deadly drugs flooding our streets, and policies that have made the cost of putting food on the table more expensive than ever.

Fortunately, President Donald Trump has proven that he has the vision we need right now. President Trump’s understanding of the needs of everyday Americans resonates deeply with our Staten Island community.” Senator Lanza continued, “he is the leader America needs to guide us through these turbulent times and into a prosperous future. I am proud to offer my full support and endorsement for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States, as I did in 2016 and 2020.”

“President Donald Trump embodies the America First principles that our nation needs, prioritizing the safety and prosperity of American citizens above all else. Under his leadership, we saw unprecedented economic growth, strengthened national security, and a renewed sense of pride in our country,” said City Council Minority Leader Joseph Borelli. “President Trump’s unwavering commitment to securing our border and stopping the migrant influx is vital to ensuring that our nation remains sovereign and our citizens safe. I look forward to once again casting my vote in support of Donald Trump for President.”

“There is one clear choice for Americans this year who want to see our country turned around,” Councilman David Carr said. “There is only one person in this race that has already shown he can secure our border, empower our economy while controlling inflation, and project the stabilizing force of American strength into the world. That person is Donald Trump. That is why I support his renomination by the Republican Party and will work to help him get back into the White House this November.”

“I’m proud to stand with my Republican colleagues in endorsing President Donald J. Trump for re-election,” said Assemblyman Mike Reilly. “Our nation is at a crossroads and Americans must decide – do they want four more years of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ failed agenda, that has tanked our economy, opened our border, and jeopardized national security, or do they want to change course by bringing back President Trump, who was responsible for record highs in job creation and the economy, who kept our borders secure, and who made the U.S. a powerhouse on the world stage.” Assemblyman Reilly continued, “this is the most important election of our lifetime and it’s safe to say the choice is clear – we need Donald Trump now more than ever.”

“President Biden opened our borders, used our tax dollars to send illegal migrants to NYC and then left us with the multi-billion-dollar price tag.,” said Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo. “Under his watch, the cost of living and crime have skyrocketed and lethal fentanyl continues to pour into our communities. We desperately need a President that isn’t asleep at the wheel and will not ignore the crises directly in front of them – President Trump is the man for the job. Assemblyman Pirozzolo continued, “I thank the County and Executive Committees of the Staten Island Republican Party for going all in at the top of our ticket to make New York Great Again!”

Staten Islanders have long demonstrated strong support for Donald Trump. In the 2016 primary, Staten Island delivered the biggest results anywhere in the Nation, seeing Trump receive 82% of the vote. In 2020, SIGOP hosted the TRIUMPH Rally – one of Staten Island’s largest ever political rallies, where thousands of patriots showed up to support President Trump. Anti-Trump TikTokers tried to co-opt that event, but instead donated $16,000 to make the event a huge success! And just last month, members of the SIGOP even traveled to New Hampshire to help ensure Donald Trump received a resounding victory in the first primary for President. where he declared his love for Staten Island.

On the precipice of such a decisive election, the SIGOP urges Staten Islanders Republicans to cast their vote for President Trump in the April 2nd Presidential Primary and for all Staten Islanders to send President Trump back to the White House this November.

The SIGOP is encouraging all concerned voters to not only volunteer as the election draws near, but, to “Bank Your Vote” in advance of the upcoming elections. At, voters can pledge to Vote Early In Person, learn about voting by mail, volunteer for local campaigns, receive important updates, and review information on pre-Election Day voting processes.

The Staten Island Republican Party’s Executive Committee, County Committee, and Elected Officials are proud to jointly offer our full support to Donald J. Trump, our 45th and soon to be 47th President of the United States.

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