On the Ticket

View our Republican candidates for 2019 and 2020 elections. Join us as we fight for the future of Staten Island. VIEW OUR CANDIDATES > image description

Our Elected Officials

Long been a bastion of conservative politics in a liberal city, Staten Island has been proud to send qualified Republicans to Congress, the Statehouse and City Hall. Our current delegation is no exception. Each of them has committed to certain tenets we all hold valuable: lower taxes, our free market system, and the maintanance of our core family values. VIEW OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS > image description

Richmond County Republican Party

At every level of government, Republicans are leading the way to create jobs, strenghten our families and lower our taxes. It takes a great organization to keep our movement afloat. On Staten Island, we are not the exception and we are happy to spotlight some of the leaders of our party. VIEW OUR PARTY LEADERS > image description