James S. Oddo

Staten Island Borough President

James Oddo was elected Staten Island Borough President in November 2013. Prior to his election, he served as the Council Member representing the 50th Council district (Mid-Island and a small portion of Brooklyn) since 1999. He also served as the City Council’s Minority Leader from 2002 to 2013. In that role, he served as a key member of the Council’s leadership team.

Oddo authored 19 local laws and brought back more than $165 million to improve his community in various ways. After working 15 years to make it a reality, in the final days of his tenure in the Council, Oddo joined EDC to announce an exciting redevelopment plan to turn the abandoned Farm Colony site into a senior citizen community. This project, one that took so long due to the global economic crisis, best personifies Oddo’s persistence and advocacy on behalf of his community.

As Borough President, Oddo is committed to attaining necessary aid for Staten Islanders impacted by Hurricane Sandy. He recognizes the frustration and havoc the situation has caused in their lives and is an advocate for all awaiting resolution from city, state and federal programs.

In addition, Oddo is excited to see the waterfront development project for the North Shore become a reality. The project includes the highest observation wheel in the world, outlet shopping, a boutique hotel and residential communities that will transform the former Stapleton homeport and St. George community.

Oddo is also keenly aware of other issues facing Staten Islanders every day. He wants to meet the challenges of island living by maximizing waterfront real estate with a fast ferry, reducing commute time for many residents. He also recognizes the need for infrastructure changes to meet the needs of the Island’s 500,000 residents.