Brendan Lantry Elected Chairman of the Richmond County Republican Committee

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Last night, Brendan Lantry was unanimously elected Chairman of the Richmond County Republican Committee. A special meeting was held at the Joan and Alan Bernikow Jewish Community Center to elect a successor to Assemblyman Ron Castorina, Jr. who resigned in March upon declaring his candidacy for Richmond County Surrogate Court Judge.

Brendan has a long history of involvement in borough politics. He has been a Committee Member since 2005 and held several roles in the Executive Committee, including District Leader, Political Activities Director, and most recently, Law Chair. In addition to involvement in a host of political campaigns over the years, Brendan has served in a number of governmental offices including as Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn, Counsel to Minority Leader Vincent Ignizio, and District Director to Congressman Dan Donovan. He is now an attorney at Menicucci, Villa, Cilmi, PLLC, primarily dealing with commercial matters and litigation.

“When I joined this party, this Republican family, I was just a kid off the street walking into the campaign headquarters of Vinny Ignizio and Vito Fossella in 2004,” said Lantry in his acceptance speech. “I became instantly hooked to the grassroots elements of the party.

“My goal is to be the grassroots Chairman. I look forward to spending the coming days, weeks, and months growing our Republican volunteer base here on Staten Island, engaging on social media to appeal to a new generation of voters, and revitalizing our fundraising operation in order to win seats for our candidates.”

Brendan was nominated at the meeting by David Carr, Chief of Staff to Minority Leader Steven Matteo and District Leader for the 63rd Assembly District, and James Thomson, a longtime Executive Committee Member and an attorney in the law firm Scamardella, Gervasi, Thomson & Kasegrande PC.

Said Carr, “We have an opportunity to place at the helm of our local GOP a person who has come up through the ranks of our party. For Brendan, becoming Chairman is about continuing a service to the party that he has given all of his life. I know that with his understanding of this party, his commitment to conservative principles, and his instinct to give so unreservedly of himself that Brendan will have the vision to grow our party and the know-how to see it done.”

Said Thomson, “Most people who get involved in politics do so with the intention of making the world a better place. The difference makers are the ones who balance civic idealism with political practicality. In my 12 years in politics, I can’t think of anyone who has struck that balance better than Brendan Lantry. His presence in this party has been undeniable, with no task to him too big or too small. He has made the party better every step of his way, and I have no doubt that he will continue to do that on only a grander scale as County Chair.”

“I want to thank the county committee and our team of elected officials for their support,” added Lantry. “I will work tirelessly with them and for them to grow this party to make the SIGOP even more competitive in the future.”

The Richmond County Republican Committee is the representative body of the Republican Party in Staten Island. The Committee is responsible for fielding candidates for elective office and promoting enrollment in the Party. The Chairman directs the administration of the local GOP.