Ron Castorina

62nd District Assemblymember

Dedicated to the ideals of justice and hard work, Ron Castorina has fearlessly fought for Staten Island as an Attorney, Commissioner of the NYC Board of Elections, as a Lieutenant in the New York Guard Army Division, and now as Assemblyman. Ron successfully took on City Hall for our kids when the City tried to take school buses away from our 7th and 8th graders. He served as counsel to former Council member Ignizio on the South Shore where he worked on issues such as Property Tax relief, land use, and transportation.

A true fighter for Staten Island, Ron went to the New York City Board of Elections and fought against nepotism helping save the City millions of dollars with innovative cost saving initiatives. The decisive leadership of this life-long Republican created the right balance at the Board when he brought political balance to Executive Management staff. He then, once again went to bat for Staten Islanders when he single-handedly took on the Governor’s office in Federal Court to see to it that we had a Representative in Congress. His success in this litigation ensured Staten Island would have Congressional Representation.

During his tenure in the Assembly Ron has fought for New York’s finest. He brought forth legislation regarding crimes against police officers. He has voiced his strong support for the NYPD and FDNY on the floor of the Assembly, continuously advocating and fighting for the brave men and women who keep our communities safe. Ron has battled the heroin epidemic by bringing awareness to community resources through forums informing the public about pharmacies providing free Narcan training in our community – helping save the lives of many. His Drug Dealer Registration Act creates a registry of those convicted of selling drugs in an effort to deter drug dealing.

Ron has tirelessly advocated for those whose voices need hearing most. He has spoken against New York’s failing economic policy, raising the cost of living for so many. His legislation provides for a property tax freeze for senior citizens over the age of 65. Our seniors are most affected by the rising cost of living. He continued this effort with regards to yet another vulnerable population, our youth. He brought legislation to the Assembly which would allow for a twenty-five percent tax credit for the cost of childcare for a qualifying child.

Ron has also spent his time in the Assembly finding solutions to the horrendous commuting and traffic times that Staten Islanders face. He successfully called on the Port Authority to begin the lengthy process to study the twinning of the Outerbridge Crossings, which they allocated $230 million for the “Comprehensive Condition Assessment and Asset Management Study” and maintenance of the bridge.

Ron is a timeless fighter for what’s right, and knows no boundaries when it comes to obtaining a just result to a difficult problem. Truly dedicated to serving his community, Ron comes from a long line of dedicated civil servants including his dad who retired from the FDNY, and grandfathers on both sides of his family who served the NYPD and NYCTA proudly and with distinction.

Ron is a graduate of St. Francis College and of The State University at Buffalo School of Law, and has been a local small business owner in the private practice of law for over 10 years. Prior to opening his law practice, he served as a law clerk to a Justice of the Supreme Court and a Judge of the Criminal Court.