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Disaster recovery, lately a growth industry, is no argument for making government larger (Commentary)

This is a golden age for liberals. Having re-elected President Obama and regained the Senate, progressives have again declared their intellectual superiority. Everywhere they look they find support for progressive ideology and disdain for the conservative view. Even the nightmare of Hurricane Sandy is cited as vindication of the idea that federal government power should grow. The federal government is too big. It is mired in ever increasing debt. Our government borrows and prints money to give more things to more people. This is a mistake and, unless checked, will lead to catastrophe.

Imagining 2013: Some headlines and stories we’d like to see

As another year draws to a close I contemplate wishes for 2013. Here are some dream headlines and stories I would hope to see next year: Alex Rodriguez retires Yankee Third baseman Alex Rodriquez, with 5 years and 114 million dollars remaining on his contract has retired. Said Rodriguez, “I’m not half the player I was when I signed my 10-year contract.

Romney will lift all Americans to economic prosperity, security and liberty

Barack Obama faces a deteriorating foreign policy situation, a continuing unemployment catastrophe and a looming deficit crisis. He offers a stay-the-course message on all fronts. For that he does not deserve re-election. Four years ago the president trumpeted what would be his first term accomplishments. He had the means. For two years his party commanded the three branches of government. For the latter 2 years they controlled the presidency and Senate.

Capitalist vs. worker: Without employers there are no employees

Today we are a polarized nation with union supporters demonizing the business owner and the entrepreneur class deriding the union movement. Instead, it would be well that all recognize the mutuality of interest between business and labor. Both sides are guilty of abuses. Historically, businesses created monopolies which resulted in price/ wage fixing and consumer gouging. Similarly, overzealous unions have forced businesses to seek bankruptcy relief.

Commentary: Expressions of patriotic fervor should unite us and make us proud

When Principal Greta Hawkins, backed by the Department of Education, ordered that the song “Proud to be an American” be stricken from a kindergarten program, she sparked a debate about the efficacy of patriotic expression. The central issue seems to be whether patriotic manifestations serve to unite or divide us.